Quail Cages


3-tier quail cage
48″ x 24″ x 72″ height, with translucent roof,
removable poop-trays,
1/2″ special Mesh wire, capacity 200 quails.

Hard wood @ 17,500/- Steel cage: 19,500/-.

Stackable Steel cages @ 8500/- each.

Delivery within Nairobi 1000/-. Outside Nairobi, you have to make your own arrangements.


Quail Cages – New Designs


Many new variations. Including with steel sheet at the back and sides for protection against wind and cold. Also 4-tiers with a capacity of 250 birds.

Quail cages [all with ½” mesh base.]
3-tier, wooden, 1/2″ kukunet outside @ 17,500/-
3-tier, wooden, 1/2″ Knet front, steel sheet sides n back @ 19,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1″ outside @ 19,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1/2″ outside @ 21,500/-
3-tier, steel, MW 1″ front steel sheet sides n back @ 22,500/-
4-tier, steel, MW 1″ outside @ 24,000/-
4-tier, steel, MW 1″ front, steel sheet sides n back @ 26,500/-

Quail Cages, any color.

beautiful quail cage

Solar Dehydrator



Add value to your perishable products. Save them for future sell when prices are right. Most of these products are sold at high prices in supermarkets.

Tomato powder, sun-dried tomatoes, Kale crisps, quail egg powder, dried fish, beef jerky, dried mangoes, dried fruits, dried vegetables, desiccated coconut, etc, etc.

Whether proof, insect proof.